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Employee portraits

Our employees are in the best position to talk about their experience within Cromology. Check out their testimonials.

« I like to see my clients coming back and sharing with me on the progress of their projects. »


Point of Sales Manager at Zolpan

What do you like in your job?

Above all, I like the trust and the close relationship that I have with my clients. They rely on us when they entrust us with their projects: the success of their projects depends on the recommendations we make, and that’s why I feel very useful. I like to see my clients coming back and sharing with me on the progress of their projects.
I am fond of the Zolpan brand. And as my colleagues at Cromology, I trust the quality of the products we produce and distribute and our customers feel it.
I like statistics and operations management. I like to understand the movement of my items and to analyze the data in order to adapt my sales area. I work with the Marketing, Logistics and Merchandising teams who help me in optimizing the Point of Sale.

How did you evolve within Cromology ?

I joined Zolpan as a Technical Sales Representative in 2015 in the Paris area. I really enjoyed this job and it allowed me to perfect my sales skills. Three years later, I had the opportunity to become a Point of Sale Manager and I discovered another side of the business. And from my point of view, Point of Sale Manager is a very complete job. It’s a matter of appropriating the place itself, adapting it to its environment, its sales field and types of clients who come in and taking ownership of the commercial, operational and logistical methods. These are the conditions for success in developing your Point of Sale.

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