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Employee portraits

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« I like the variety of subjects I work on. »


Integrated Network Controller

How did you evolve within Cromology?

I joined Cromology in 2016 as Business Controller dedicated to the Independent networks France/Export and Benelux. After learning a lot with my manager for three and a half years, I wanted to move to a position with more responsibilities. I was offered the position of Integrated Network Controller when it has been created within our integrated Tollens network.
I immediately accepted: it combines Finance, my favorite subject, and operations, close to the Stores’ teams.

What do you like in your job?

I like the variety of subjects I work on. I am the right-hand man of the Ile-de-France Regional Director, my role is to preserve the margin and overall the profitability of the region. In order to achieve it, I make sure that Cromology’s management rules are properly applied by assisting the sales network teams, especially in terms of stock monitoring, markdowns, product shortages, monitoring KPI, etc. It is very interesting, there are high stakes and projects.
I also like the diversity of the people I work with: Regional Directors, Sales Network Managers and their teams and at headquarters, people from accounting, from customer credit, from the sales performance unit or the central management control.

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