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Circular economy: Cromology expands its free in-store take-back service of chemical wastes

After successful testing conducted for a year, Cromology spreads to the whole France its in-store take-back service of worksites’ chemical wastes. Named Rekupo, it’s dedicated to both professionals and individuals.   As a responsible producer and retailer, Cromology contributes to facilitate the management of end-of-life products in partnership (…)

Cromology launches “Cromology, the App”, its free and state-of-the-art color simulation application.

#Color Services Cromology launches “Cromology, the App”, its free and state-of-the-art color simulation application. Through an immersive and fun experience, our clients (…)

European Sustainable Development Week

Our new waste collection service dedicated to our clients. Since the beginning of the year, thanks to the REKUPO terminals installed by (…)

Tollens and Zolpan “Best Brands 2020” by the French Magazine Capital!

For the fourth year in a row, the Tollens and Zolpan distribution networks teams have been recognized by Capital for their magazine’s (…)

Gaëtan Bartra appointed General Manager in charge of Integrated Networks, France

Cromology announces Gaëtan Bartra has been appointed to the newly created position of General Manager in charge of Integrated Networks, France, as (…)

“Best Brands 2019” Tollens and Zolpan once again awarded by Capital magazine.

The French economic magazine has just published the 3rd edition of its ranking of the best brands 2019 in terms of quality (…)

Loïc Derrien appointed as new CEO of Cromology

After appointing last June Pierre Pouletty as Chairman of Cromology, Wendel has named Loïc Derrien to take over as Cromology’s CEO beginning (…)

Senior management change at Cromology

As Cromology’s shareholder since 2006, Wendel has carried out a strategic evaluation with its subsidiary. As a result, Cromology has refocused the (…)

Appointment to Cromology’s Executive Committee

Cromology announces the appointment of Philippe Lederman to the position of Chief Financial Officer. « We are very pleased Philippe joins us (…)

Capital, French leading economic magazine honors again our two distribution networks, Tollens and Zolpan.

Capital, French leading economic magazine, has published the 2nd edition of its palmares of the best French retailers, in any sector. As in (…)

Appointment to Cromology’s executive committee

Cromology announces the appointment of Emmanuel Baltyde to the position of Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. “With the arrival of Emmanuel, Cromology (…)

Partners’ Day 2017, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of the Partners Day was held on June 29th and 30th, this event is dedicated to our strategic Group (…)

The “Color Break” by Tollens wins the 2017 LSA Cross Canal Trophy in the category “Service-in-store”.

At the Omnicanal & Customer experience LSA Congress, held in Paris on June 1st, the jury of marketing experts chose Tollens as (…)

Cromology will participate at the 5th Global DIY Summit 2017

Cromology will participate at the world’s major event (7 – 8 June 2017) where retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement and garden (…)

France_Cromology launches a next-generation waterproof exterior coating

An alliance of technical & color expertise from the Cromology R&D Team to create the very latest innovation. This waterproof exterior coating offers a (…)

Study trip that occurred in France for a Chinese delegation

This study trip was supported by the FIPEC trade union connected to the MEDEF, which Cromology is a member via the SIPEV, National (…)

Tollens and Zolpan, French Leaders in Service Quality 2017

Capital, French leading economic magazine, has published the first edition of its ranking of the Best Retailers, in any sector. Tollens et (…)

Air Quality : a proactive process in product innovation, beyond the local regulatory requirements in the countries where Cromology operates

Cromology constantly strives to minimise VOC emissions through its innovations that go beyond the regulatory requirements in the countries where it is (…)

Significant increase of Cromology’s network of integrated stores

Cromology is counting 407 integrated stores, at the end of 2016. Since 2015, Cromology opened 15 new integrated stores, in line with its ambition (…)

Cromology further strengthens its management team to support its development strategy

Rui Caldas has been promoted to International Operations Director, as of 1st September. Rui will be in charge of the Southern Europe (…)

Cromology strengthens its position in French-speaking Switzerland

Cromology announces the acquisition by its Swiss subsidiary, Vernis Claessens of the entirety of Jallut’s paint operations from the founding family itself.  

Cromology participated at 4th Global DIY Summit 2016

Cromology participated at the world’s major event (8 – 9 June 2016) where retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement and garden centre (…)

Cromology strengthens its management team

Cromology announces four important nominations to strengthen and diversify its management team and embody its strategic ambitions. Cromology appointed: Jérôme Maton, who (…)

2-5 March 2016, Munich : Cromology @ Farbe

Cromology attended the Europe’s most important trade fair for paint, facade design and interior architecture. Our booth enabled visitors to discover flagship (…)

Arcol: #1 in Morroco for decorative effects paints!

Fayrouz “Lumière” is a pearlescent paint with crystal fragments that plays on materials through color transparency and luminescent effects. After its launch (…)

Claessens invents the most universal laquer of the market

In 2015, Claessens has developed Classidur “3 in 1”, a water based laquer that combines three essential properties in one formula. Thanks (…)

Colorin lauches an Italian-style range of paints

Back to the European roots of Argentina, Colorin launches a premium range of products under the Baldini-Vernici brand, one of the Cromology (…)

Cromology has made a major technological breakthrough in semi-thick exterior coatings

Cromology’s research teams have developed a cutting-edge, semi-thick exterior coating thanks to a technological breakthrough allowing the combination of traditionally incompatible physicochemical (…)

Cromology Italia, “Green Supplier of the Year”

Cromology Italia received the “Green Supplier of the Year” award from Leroy Merlin Italia’s Green Day. The jury unanimously agreed to reward (…)

Materis Paints rebrands as Cromology and sets its sights on new challenges.

A world player in the decorative paint sector with iconic brands including Tollens and Zolpan in France, MaxMeyer in Italy, Revetón in (…)

Extension of the successful Living range to exterior surfaces

For over five years, Colorín has been collaborating with the prestigious Argentinian decoration magazine “Living” on a colourful range of interior paints. (…)

MaxMeyer adds some colour to the San Pietro medico-social unit in Monza

MaxMeyer supported the San Pietro unit, which welcomes the elderly and people with degenerative diseases, by adding some colour to the patients’ (…)

ISO 14001 certification.

In early 2015, Cromology Italia was awarded ISO 14001 certification for its Resana production facility.

2014: a year focused on energy efficiency

Cromology’s total energy consumption per tonne produced decreased by 18% and its reduced fossil fuel consumption has resulted in a 23% fall (…)

Cromology develops a paint which improves indoor air quality

Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Cromology has developed a new technology designed to permanently neutralise (…)

Cromology and Pantone® partnership is rolled out to Portugal

Cromology and Pantone® have joined forces to create a range of paints that embodies the latest interior decorating trends. Since 2013, Cromology and (…)

A facelift for Italy’s most famous paint: Ducotone becomes Ducotone 1948

The first washable paint in the Italian market, Ducotone, has been the most famous paint brand in Italy for 65 years. Cromology’s R&D (…)

Tintas Robbialac’s new washable vinyl matte paint

In the first quarter of 2014, Tintas Robbialac launched VinylRep, a water-based paint with an attractive finish. Its special vinyl copolymer formula makes (…)

Colorín presents « Páez Vilaró’s colours palette »

Colorín created in 2014 a 12 bright colours palette with the famous painter Carlos Páez Vilaró.

ICP, always further in the ease of application of paste plasters

In the first quarter of 2013, ICP Alltek launched a new light filler. A careful choice of light loads, an organic binder (…)

Our reference projects

“Les orgues de Flandre”

Group of buildings including the highest inhabited building of Paris, (19th arr)

ETICS, Armaterm poudre roche, Zolpan

“Mur des Canuts”

Europe’s largest outdoor trompe l’oeil fresco (1,200 m²), 300 colours used
Lyon, France
Paint for renovation: Zolpan

Casablanca Cathedral Gardens

Installation consisting of three series of temporary arches
In-situ work
Casablanca, Morocco
Artist: Daniel Buren
Paint: Arcol

Quirinal Palace

Courtyard of Honour
Rome, Italy
Paint for renovation: Settef

Musée d’Orsay

Partnership since 2011
Paint: Tollens

Exterior of the Museo Reina Sofía

(20,000 m²)
Madrid, Spain
Paint for renovation: Revetón

Grande Hotel do Luso

Spa town of Luso, Portugal
Architect: Cassiano Branco
Decorative Paint: Robbialac

Imagine Institute

Europe’s largest Research Centre for Genetic Diseases
Paris, France
Paint: Tollens

Torre Agbar

144m, 38-storey building, 40 different colours
Barcelona, Spain
Paint: Revetón et Alp

Palazzo Pfanner

Lucca, Italy
Paint for renovation: Settef

Student Housing

Oullins, France
ETICS, Reflective Pigments: Zolpan

Residential building with 200 apartments

Thermal insulation, 17,000 m²
Toulouse, France
External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems: Plasdox

Royal Tropical Institute

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paint for renovation: Classidur

Trindade metro station

Porto, Portugal
Paint for renovation: Viero


Exhibition room walls
Vienna, Austria
Paint for renovation: Classidur