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At Cromology, innovation always begins with our customers.

Almost 100 R&D engineers and technicians work in our 5 laboratories. And, thanks to them, nearly 20% of our sales consist of products that have been developed within the last three years.

Our trade customers, craftsmen or painting companies, need products that are ever faster and easier to use in order to increase their productivity and improve their work conditions.

And that is what we provide them with. For example, applicators increase productivity significantly thanks to solutions like our 112-litre packs of spray paint, our long-distance spray paint & airless plaster systems, and our light fillers with improved ease and comfort of use.

Our master builder customers and end users look for products that are increasingly environmentally friendly and contribute to their comfort and day-to-day wellbeing, without compromising on technical excellence.
And that is what we have given them with, for example, our ranges of paints designed to reduce indoor air pollution.

Cromology is committed in a voluntary initiative in Research & Development to take care of its clients and their environmemnt, with more responsible products, whenever possible, beyond the regulatory framework. For example, in 2019, in the total sales of new products, 60% of revenues were with new eco-labelised products.

All of our customers expect the perfect colour: one that they like and that will stand the test of time.

Thanks to Cromology’s global centre of excellence in Italy, we are proud to be one of the few paint manufacturers to have full control over the design and production of all of our colorants for perfect colour that lasts.
Likewise, our digital colour simulation platform, which is used in France and across Southern Europe, enables our professional and private customers to create more than one million simulations every year.

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Almost 100 R&D engineers and technicians work in our 5 laboratories.

Our reference projects

“Les orgues de Flandre”

Group of buildings including the highest inhabited building of Paris, (19th arr)

ETICS, Armaterm poudre roche, Zolpan

“Mur des Canuts”

Europe’s largest outdoor trompe l’oeil fresco (1,200 m²), 300 colours used
Lyon, France
Paint for renovation: Zolpan

Casablanca Cathedral Gardens

Installation consisting of three series of temporary arches
In-situ work
Casablanca, Morocco
Artist: Daniel Buren
Paint: Arcol

Quirinal Palace

Courtyard of Honour
Rome, Italy
Paint for renovation: Settef

Musée d’Orsay

Partnership since 2011
Paint: Tollens

Exterior of the Museo Reina Sofía

(20,000 m²)
Madrid, Spain
Paint for renovation: Revetón

Grande Hotel do Luso

Spa town of Luso, Portugal
Architect: Cassiano Branco
Decorative Paint: Robbialac

Imagine Institute

Europe’s largest Research Centre for Genetic Diseases
Paris, France
Paint: Tollens

Torre Agbar

144m, 38-storey building, 40 different colours
Barcelona, Spain
Paint: Revetón et Alp

Palazzo Pfanner

Lucca, Italy
Paint for renovation: Settef

Student Housing

Oullins, France
ETICS, Reflective Pigments: Zolpan

Residential building with 200 apartments

Thermal insulation, 17,000 m²
Toulouse, France
External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems: Plasdox

Royal Tropical Institute

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paint for renovation: Classidur

Trindade metro station

Porto, Portugal
Paint for renovation: Viero


Exhibition room walls
Vienna, Austria
Paint for renovation: Classidur