Job Profiles

Cromology’s 3,000+ employees cover 180 different profiles in a wide and varied number of areas, including the R&D lab, field sales or in Point of Sales, procurement, marketing, production and logistics …

Distribution / Commerce

Outside sales engineers, business managers, sales assistants & advisors, sales outlet managers, team leaders… The common denominator between the sales teams at Cromology is that they act as real everyday partners to professional customers, painters and decorators, local authorities, SMEs, small-scale and mid-sized industries, private and public companies, key accounts, independent retailers and major DIY stores.

The teams are capable of accommodating the specific needs of each project and proposing the best-fit services and products to reflect the project’s materials, substrates and construction techniques. They are also committed to maximising the customer experience and forging a reputation as market leaders among their customers.

Product and service training, paint application courses, training for sales engineers and managers, and much more besides… When you join Cromology, you will be enrolled on a solid onboarding programme, where you will be fully trained on our range of products and services, our tools and our processes.
You will be able to continually develop your skills throughout your career at Cromology through a combination of face-to-face training, virtual classrooms and e-learning modules.

Do you have a strong head for advice and sales, combined with a keen interest in hi-tech products?



Product managers, market managers, group leaders, pricing managers, market intelligence analysts, marketing managers, digital managers, communication leaders… these are just some of the profiles that work with each other and closely alongside the R&D, sales and tech-ops teams to develop, launch and manage the lifecycle of the Group’s range of products for interiors, facades, technical applications, and so on.

Their work is guided by a three-year “Innovation” roadmap defined by the Marketing Division for professional and private customers. The marketing teams examine case studies to identify the emerging trends and sense the market’s needs for products and services.



Logistics operators, forklift drivers, operations managers, transport managers, warehouse managers, logistics team leaders, goods flow managers, demand planners…

The supply chain teams are laser-focused on delivering a superior service by making sure that products are always available. The aim is to achieve the highest levels of agility throughout the supply chain, from managing information through to delivering products to customers, as well as streamlining the flow of raw materials and finished products, forecasting sales, planning production activities, fulfilling customer orders, keeping stock levels under control and managing shipments.



Production operators, maintenance technicians and managers organise, schedule and monitor actions at every stage of the production chain (preparing raw materials, producing paint, packaging, etc.).

They ensure that the entire manufacturing chain meets quality requirements, protects the environment and guarantees safety for employees.


Research & Development

Formulation technicians, colour technologists, tinting machine technicians and managers develop formulations for new products.

These teams are responsible for consistently guaranteeing the highest quality during paint production, dealing with complaints or nonconformity reports from customers, testing potential alternative raw materials, carrying out tests on raw materials aimed at bringing new features to the paint, and certifying the quality of the shades in the company’s range of colour paints. They also monitor regulations and legislation at national, European and international levels.


Job Profiles serving all activities

The business support function teams deliver assistance for all the Group’s activities, from R&D and production through to product distribution.

They act as a driving force for Cromology’s ambitions in a number of projects requiring their expertise, such as procurement, customer service, sales performance, accounting, finance, communication, legal affairs, human resources, information systems, quality, health & safety, environment and digital technologies.

To provide new hires with a clear insight into the Group’s extensive and rich array of profiles and activities, an onboarding process tailored to each business support function is organised on arrival, including an immersive stint at a Point of Sale.


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