Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Fostering maximum integrity & compliance within the organization.

Cromology is committed to operating fairly with maximum integrity and compliance with all applicable laws.

Group compliance programs (e.g., anti-corruption, data protection, fair competition) are designed to identify and mitigate risks as part of a continuous improvement approach.

Cromology’s compliance culture is a source of pride for its employees and trust for all its stakeholders.


  • Corruption Prevention
  • Data protection
  • Mitigation of risks linked to Suppliers & Supply Chain Risks
  • Fair competition
  • Sound governance


  • Anti-corruption program
  • GDPR program
  • Purchasing policy and partners code of conduct
  • Competition program
  • Appropriate governance charter in place

Key indicators – 2023 objectives


Employees trained and having signed the anti-corruption policy


Employees trained on data protection


Share of Purchasing volume covered by suppliers who have signed the Responsible Purchasing Charter

  • Human Resources
  • Business Ethics
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Paints & Colors