All clients seek out the perfect color, which will improve home and work environments, in harmony with the taste and personality of the people who live in them
Cromology aims to bring it to them.

To achieve it, the art of its teams is to be a human end-to-end chain of skills to produce a color as wished by the client, pro or private, on his office wall, his home living-room or his building.

Find the Cromology Fandeck in all Points of Sale Tollens and Zolpan as well as by independant retailers for Plasdox.

in Color Components

To create colors, Cromology sources pigment tastes based on pigments, natural and synthetic, mineral or organic, from a selection of suppliers.

Pigments choice is key to reproduce a tint over time and in all type of productions, for example, from large scale industrial one to 1-Liter in Points of Sale.
A precise specifications guarantee the compliance of pigments with application regulations.
To reproduce colours, Cromology works with suppliers in tinting system who address our high level of quality and our requirements in abilities for technological innovation.

Know-How in colorimetry

Cromology integrally manage formulation and production of all of its colorants for a perfect & long-lasting color. The R&D teams design and produce them in the Tinting System Center of Excellence, Toscana, Italy.




Both physics and chemistry expertises of Cromology’s R&D teams allow to define colors, precisely repeatable through notably three measurable parameters: hue, lightness and saturation.
They strive to create pallets of tints, including effects of lights and shades, chromatic contrast, perspective and also interactions between light and material.

Production and colour consistency

Production teams manage production cycles of paints in large-scale volumes respecting the consistency of the required color.

Color advice in Points of Sale

In Points of Sale and Show-rooms, teams of experts in color help clients in choosing colors and their combinations.
They deliver advice and tricks for a personalized choice in a color palette chromatique satisfying desires and needs of the client for his project. Thereafter they will be able to reproduce a wished color among the color spectrum, i.e. more than 2 millions colors.
To achieve, in addition to their knowledge both in aesthetic and in color & formulation technics, the team manage the use of our tinting system, consisted of a machine and a software forming a cutting-edge technologic process regarding accuracy.
A client visiting one of Group’s Points of Sale can quickly obtain the paint in the desired color ideally relating to his Deco project.

Partners « color trends »

  • Pantone
    Recognised around the world as a leading source of color information and source of color standards for fashion, product, graphic design and lifestyle-oriented industries, Pantone is associated with Cromology to propose a Collection inspired by Pantone de Tollens with 100 pure and intense hues for interiors.
  • Colour Hive
    Agency in trend forecasting, internationally recognized, editor of MIX, a well-known trend publication in design / architecture, is associated with Tollens in France.
  • Flamant
    Well-known international brand in interior decoration with airs of discreet luxury and intimate charm, propose a palette de 128 elegant.
  • Li Edelkoort
    Li Edelkoort, one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters, and teams of her Paris-based design company Trend Union have contributed to the creation of the Cromology Fandeck.
  • Paola Navone
    Architect, designer, artistic director, interior designer, collaborates with the most international and italian brands in designer furnitures. A unique and sophisticated fandeck of 30 shades is created from the combination of the creative sense of Paola Navone and the technical excellence of Tollens.

Cromology Fandeck

Seeking out the perfect colour, the one which will improves home and work environments, in harmony with taste and personality of people who live in them.

To achieve, the fandeck is the most indispensable tool to choose the perfect color, according to the surface it will be applied on, the desired finish, the light and shadow effects, of chromatic contrast, even perspective.

The Cromology fandeck is born from the combination of all of our color experts’ knowledge, from all countries, throughout a year in partnership with major partners: Lidewij Edelkoort’ team, well-reputed fashion and future trends forecaster, who help us creating the 300 colors of tomorrow and Duha, the company for 10 years print our fandeck with a finish that respects the final product on printed paper.