Human Resources

Human Resources

Enabling employees to overachieve & grow, professionally & personally.

Cromology aims to achieve true customer satisfaction by means of passionate and genuinely engaged employees. The Group works to enable all employees to be successful in their roles, while growing professionally and personally.
The prospect of achieving goals, developing skills and expertise, changing or increasing responsibilities is within everyone’s grasp at Cromology.
Cromology also fosters a high-performance culture and values high-quality working relationships, diversity, inclusion and equal treatment.


  • Employee engagement
  • Diversity, inclusion and equal treatment


  • Wage policy
  • E-learning and in person training sessions
  • Career development, Internal promotions
  • Gender Equality Index
  • Diversity policies & action plan

Key indicators – 2023 objectives


Employees having completed one training session a year


Average employee training time


of promotion


Gender Equality Index

  • Human Resources
  • Business Ethics
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Paints & Colors