The Cromology Group, which includes  Cromology and its direct and indirect subsidiaries in France and abroad, is committed to conduct its activities with integrity and transparency and in compliance with all applicable laws.

At Cromology, we are committed to:

  • comply with the national and international laws and regulations in force to fight against corruption wherever we operate,
  • implement and apply an effective mechanism within Cromology to avoid any risk of corruption, and * adopt zero tolerance for corruption, whether carried out by Cromology or on its behalf or by those with whom Cromology is in a business relationship.

The Policy, downloadable with this link, has been approved by the Executive Committee of the Cromology group.

As part of its commitment to ethics, integrity and transparency, Cromology is providing an easily accessible system for you to report inappropriate behaviour or conduct, lawbreaking, failures to meet our commitments or breaches of internal procedures. This site is open to you whether you’re a Cromology Employee (permanent, temporary or occasional) or Stakeholder (supplier, customer, consumer or community member). Your report will be examined in accordance with the Cromology procedure for receiving and processing reports.

Click on this link to access our reporting line.