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Sustainably protect and color living spaces to brighten up everyone’s lives.

Cromology is a european player in the decorative painting industry.
With 5 research laboratories, 9 production sites and 7 logistics platforms, its more than 380 integrated Points of Sale and e-shops, the ones of its partners Independent & Builders’ Merchants, Major DIY Retailers and Digital pure players, Cromology designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of paints and other decorative products for professionals and DIY users. It distributes innovative products in more than 50 countries around the world, with a direct presence in 8 of them (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland).

With more than 3000 employees, Cromology has a turnover of more than 600 million euros.

Throughout its 270 years of history, Cromology has acquired an unrivaled expertise in the field of decorative paints. Cromology’s commercial brands are the expression of its professionalism, its technical and aesthetic know-how and its capacity for innovation (20% of our revenue was generated with products released in the last three years).

Thanks to a premium customer experience and quality products offering the best value for money, Cromology aims to develop its presence in the decorative painting industry, especially in Europe, while doing the most to minimize its environmental footprint.

Cromology designs decorative paints, distributes a wide range of application aids, and provides color and take-back service of chemical wastes

Product offer

Interior Deco Paints
High-quality Colors Collections
Decorative Effect Finishes

External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems
Rockwool and polystyrene insulating materials
Glue, basecoats and mesh
Fixing accessories
Top coats

Technical paints
Wood coatings
Metal coatings
Floor coatings
Waterproofing systems

Preparation of substrates
Paste and powder plasters
Primers and sealers

Tools and equipment for painters
Brushes and Rollers
Spray and projection equipment
Power tools
Protective clothing and equipment

Floor and wall covers
Fiber Glass covering
Laminate floors
PVC flooring

Color and services offer

Colors simulator
Colors tester
Mobile app

Free in-store take-back service of chemical wastes. Named Rekupo, it’s dedicated to both professionals and individuals.

Turnkey renovation and painting service : Monsieur Peinture

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