Looking for the perfect atmosphere in your home ?

Looking for the perfect atmosphere in your home ?

Discover 3 tools to simplify your choice of paint color:

Cromology, the App

Choose your color online with ease.

The Colors Simulator

Test the choice of colors with the online Simulator, from your own photos.

The Tester Shop

Buy your tester pot online to validate your choice of color.

Cromology, the App

With the mobile app, directly try the colors of the Cromology Fandeck on the walls of your interior and simply find inspiration.

  • Augmented reality
  • Colors Simulator
  • Inspirational contents
  • Cromology Fandeck
  • Colors space

Download the App from your usual app store:

You must have a smartphone or tablet with an Apple iOS (from iOS 13 version) or Android (from Android 10.0 version) operating system.

The Colors Simulator

Do you hesitate between sky blue or pastel blue for painting your wall? Stay at home and test with our Simulator online all the colors of our Exclusive Collections directly on your walls.

Select your paint brand and try the Simulator:

The Colors Tester

You’ve just found the perfect colors for your home but still have a little doubt ? Test them in real on your wall.

Buy online your paint testers to choose confidently:

  • 100ml for 7€ TTC
    For a test up to 45cm x 45cm in two layers.
  • Wide range of colors
    Over 1200 colors available!
  • Shop testers !
    Let’s order on our brands’ online shopping sites (France only)

Cromology Fandecks

Shades selected amongst the most appreciated by the market, without forgetting timeless as well as tomorrow’s classics.