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Materis Paints rebrands as Cromology and sets its sights on new challenges.

By 6 July 2015July 20th, 2021No Comments

A world player in the decorative paint sector with iconic brands including Tollens and Zolpan in France, MaxMeyer in Italy, Revetón in Spain and Robbialac in Portugal, Materis Paints has unveiled its new brand identity. Renamed Cromology, the group is writing a new chapter in its almost 250-year history.

The name Cromology reflects the group’s desire to embody the collective mission of all of its commercial brands: sustainably protecting and beautifying our environments. By combining colour with science and bringing together the highest levels of technical and aesthetic expertise, Cromology turns professional painting into an art form.

The name Cromology was created as an expression of the group’s identity and the commitment of all of its brands to a clear vision: the art of professional painting. In Ancient Greek, the name literally means ‘the science of colours’, and it creates a simple image for the imagination to add to.

The minimal logo is rectangular with a classic, timeless font and is both futuristic and reminiscent of ancient writings at the same time. The Cromology logo is black and white in order to enable its commercial brands to use the power and variety of colour.

PDF_icon_20px Materis_Paints_rebrands_as_Cromology.pdf