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CSR initiative in Italia: opening of a second training center dedicated to clients

By 7 July 2021No Comments

Roll out professional training programs for applicators to champion painters’ trade and value proposition is among the goals of our CSR “Paints & Colors”Pillar. 

May 26th, a second “CromoCampus” center has been inaugurated at Resana (near Venice). The first one is at Porcari (30 km from Pisa), our Italian HQ. Cromology can now provide trainings to its clients over much of the Italian territory. 

Training programs are dedicated to independent distributors, applicators, designers and technical sales representatives. 

From façade pathologies to color design and thermal insulation systems, training courses allow pros for learning new skills and training all year long. Webinars and online training are added to the in-person training offer, as well as events organized with key industry organizations and associations. 

Main partnerships have been established with global leading companies. Storch, a leader in professional products and tools for painters, and Milwaukee, a manufacturer of mechanical equipment for professionals, have joined the CromoCampus partners. 

Istituto Giordano is also a partner offering preparation courses and professional certifications: ITE layer installer, ITE foreman installer, painter…