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Employee portraits

Our employees are in the best position to talk about their experience within Cromology. Check out their testimonials.

portrait de collaborateur Erwan
« I work with products whose technicality I like. »


Façade & ITE Market manager

What do you like in your job ?

I live for trade and I work with products whose technicality I like. After 9 years as a sales representative for our independent distributor clients in the Western region, I wanted to evolve professionally. I wanted to contribute further upstream in the chain of our business, to the development of new products and services. That’s why I went back to school, to get a Master’s degree from ESC Rennes. Then I joined the Tollens Marketing team at the Headquarters, 3 years ago. I remain very close to the field. I am in constant contact with our sales teams and I continue to visit clients all over France. Not only is it a pleasure, but it’s essential to do my job well.

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