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Cromology Facade Fandeck: the “cold pigment” driving back the boundaries for coloured exterior coatings

By 5 April 2022No Comments

Harmoniously coloured façades are a defining feature of homes in the Southern European countries where Cromology is mainly active, including Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.

The Cromology facade fandeck features 333 shades, ranging from the lightest tones to the darkest shades, as well as bright colors. The range epitomises the two main color trends embraced by these countries for their exterior coatings, namely the return to nature (amazonite green, solar ochre, etc.) and raw materials (copper patina, onyx reflections, etc.) and a taste for bright colours (Cyclades blue) or saturated tones (tourmaline black).

During the summer of 2021, a new-generation “cold pigment” was masterminded by the Centre of Excellence for Colors in Porcari, Italy.

This technology (1) can be harnessed to create bright and dark colours that, until now, were unavailable for exterior coatings without a risk of becoming discoloured through overheating, which could even cause damage to the wall structure

The Cromology Façade fandeck is available from our distributors and Points of Sale in France, Italy, Switzerland and in Portugal in May. It will be available by the end of the year in Spain.

When designing and producing this new fandeck, the project team members were supported by Atelier 3D couleur, the first in the line of colour design agencies in France.

Edicolor was selected through a competitive bidding process to produce this fandeck.

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(1) The “cold pigment” technology is available in the tinting system in France, Italy and Switzerland.

photo credit @Franck Dunouau