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Cromology has made a major technological breakthrough in semi-thick exterior coatings

By 22 February 2022No Comments

Cromology’s research teams have developed a cutting-edge, semi-thick exterior coating thanks to a technological breakthrough allowing the combination of traditionally incompatible physicochemical properties.
This exceptional result is due to three elements:

  • A pure acrylic resin allows the product to glide onto any type of surface, increasing ease of use for the painter or applier. It also has two major properties for this type of coating: flexibility and, consequently, high resistance to cracking.
  • High-quality siloxane compounds provide anti-fouling properties and long-term durability (high UV resistance, excellent water resistance).
  • Glass microspheres help to increase the paint’s filling ability and give a mineral matte finish to the coating, in response to trends in traditional façade and new buildings.

Find the different versions of this unique technology in Tollens’, Zolpan’s and  Classidur-Jallut’s. points of sales.



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